Jessie Creek is the home of our winery, 5 acres of vines, a renovated historic inn, and locally supported art gallery. Located between the Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean (Cape May Peninsula), our grapes are cultivated in a sandy soil and produced into small batch wines. We strive to provide our customers with an inviting, boutique atmosphere. Come explore all Jessie Creek has to offer!

Our Story

Jessie Creek Winery began

with the vision of Dr. Bruce Morrison after he toured Napa, California. Visions of beautiful vineyards, tasting rooms, outside fire pits, and wines shared with strangers who became friends were planted in his memory. The clinking of wine glasses and soft sounds of laughter in the vineyard captured the feeling he wanted to replicate close to home.

After returning from Napa

in 2005, Dr. Morrison enrolled in the Philadelphia Wine School to learn more about wine making, tasting and production. It was a life altering experience for him engaging with some of the best sommeliers and growers. A summer resident of South Jersey, he took trips on his motorcycle to Cape May and other shore destinations. On a crisp sunny day in summer of 2007, while riding on his motorcycle down Route 47 he came upon the sign for Jessie Creek Vineyards.

This property was his vision

of Napa in New Jersey. A setting undisturbed with rows of vines and hanging clusters of grapes. There was a barn sitting in the middle of the property which was where the farm equipment was placed. After a discussion and tour of the vineyard by the owner, a bond was started, and the sale of the property was completed in late 2007.

In December 2010

the grand opening took place with much excitement. We were able to place our initial wines in the Garden State Wine Competition, where our Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot were silver and bronze medal winners. Much of the wines’ success in competition was due to the quality of the fruit from the growing area in Cape May. The area now has its own AVA known as Cape May Peninsula due to its unique soil, temperature days and aquifer. 

Since opening, Jessie Creek has

established itself with further award-winning wines and a reputation for unparalleled customer service. Our passion is to bring a family experience to all occasions. We want to enjoy these moments and celebrate with our customers, staff, and owners. We enjoy collaborating with local vendors and charities, building relationships for years to come. We welcome you to come and share our spaces with those you love.

Our Wines

As a boutique winery we specialize in production of our estate grown white and red varietals. This includes our Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and hybrid grape Chambourcin. There are 5 acres total with 1 acre dedicated to each varietal.

Our processing of the wines begins with hand picking at harvest. Prior to picking we insure the brix (sugar content) and acids are ideal. After harvest the grapes are crushed and pressed and fermentation begins. We use the highest grade yeasts and nutrients for the best flavors and outcomes.

After fermentation our reds are placed in oak barrels for proper aging up to 18 months. Our Pinot and Chardonnay are aged separately in stainless steel and oak individually. Year to year we change our yeasts for different enhanced flavors. When properly finished after aging each wine finished product is hand bottled by our staff. Pay attention to our cork with the special inscription ‘God has blessed Us’.  We do believe in that.

Over the years since our first wines were released we have brought in other varietals and fruit wines to meet customer demand. We have extended our outsourcing to the best local growers and West Coast affiliates. This assures us the best grown fruit beyond our 5 acre estate.

Tour the Vineyard

When Tom's Amazing Travels (YouTube) came to visit, they got a personal tour of the vineyard from Dr. B himself! Drive through the rows on the golf cart with them and learn more about our property directly from the vigneron, winemaker, and owner. ๐Ÿท